Escape game

Czech name Úniková hra
upozorněníIn connection with a government order, it is possible that the building has interrupted or limited providing services. Find out about the current situation with the operator.
Pouchovská 533/52, 500 03 Hradec Králové
GPS 50°13'8"N 15°50'31"E (xx km)
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The escape game Psychiatric Hospital. In a real escape game will be closed for an hour in a specially designed room, from which you try to get out as quickly as possible.

Category escape game
Services event planning and hosting, sales of gift certificates, WC
Staff languages Czech
Accepted forms of payment Active Pass (Sodexo), Czech korunas in cash
Distance from parking lot 100 m
  • capacity personal: 30, free
  • capacity coaches: 1, free